Finally, a truly medieval escape room experience.

You have been captured by members of a mysterious cult that still believes in the medieval way of things. Aaaand they’re a bit nuts. You have been sentenced to death for heresy, sent to a an underground prison and in 60 minutes you will be executed. Will you manage to escape? The guard will be checking on you, so it won’t be easy!

Zodiac Patres is a highly atmospheric escape room full of suprises, unexpected mechanical riddles and even less expected solutions. We spared no expense on building a truly medieval environment that will make you forget the outer world. Come see yourself how different and fun a medieval-themed escape room can be! Shhhh! The guard is coming! 

Indiana Jones-like adventure for players of all ages!

Ultra-authentic medieval
set design

Teamwork oriented gameplay

No boring padlocks, rather creative puzzles blended into space

Intensive & adventurous, but NOT a scary game

In a nutshell

◊  adventure / thriller
◊  60 minutes
◊  2–6 players (we recommend 4)
◊  medium difficulty
◊  family-friendly
◊  company required under 15 y.o.



We’ve all been there. Evening as usual, you’re coming back from a cozy Prague pub and suddenly you notice a suspicious individual following you. Dressed like they’re coming from medieval costume parade, they quietly mumble something in foreign language. You are not interested in confronting some random drunk tourist so you ignore them until you close the door at your home. You brush your teeth, feed your parrot and go to sleepyland.

Cut—dark, cold, terror! You wake up in an unknown and clearly very old room. In the middle there is a massive wooden table and some other costume-parade-guys behind it. Everything looks like you travelled in time to medieval ages. This bunch of weirdos claim that they are a criminal court of some ancient cult which protects some super cool old secret.

They say you commited a dead-serious crime, for which they sentence you for capital punishment. You are pointlessly trying to explain that this is a little too much for a delayed tax return form and this is probably some big misunderstanding. These guys won’t change their minds and call for a not-very-friendly prison guard to take you to the catacombs where you will wait for your destiny.

You can’t believe this is real. However, you are here and it seems that unless some wanna-be-funny friend jumps in shouting “practical joke”, your only chance is to find your way to escape. The dungeon prison seems solid, but the guard clearly has drinking problems, so there might be a way…



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