It’s easy. Just find a powerful artifact that no longer exists. 

Family-friendly escape room that will bend your eyes and mind. Philosopher’s Stone meets time-travel phenomena in this twistful, mysterious adventure. Beware of space-time paradoxes, be careful who you trust and think twice about your choices. It’s the Choice that might affect not only the game, but the entire world’s history.  

Escape room for all ages, ideal for family entertainment as well

Our most sophisticated story yet is a vital part of the gameplay and affects your decisions

Mysterious, but NOT a scary game. Dan Brown’s style of adventure

Top-tier technologies and audiovisual effects

In a nutshell

◊  mysterious / adventure
◊  60 minutes
◊  2-6 players
◊  medium difficulty
◊  suitable for kids
◊  company required for players under 12




As a team of experienced investigative adventurers, you have been contacted by a grandchild of a notable czech scientist. Before World War 2, this guy had hidden the result of his lifetime work somewhere in his office. His discovery might turn the world upside down. However, there is one small catch – the bigger part of his office has collapsed 80 years ago after being hit by a bomb.

How do you search for something buried 20 feet under the ground?

How to manipulate the past without destroying the future?

Do you truly know what you are doing? Mind the consequences!



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a. gimenez

Once again the Chamber has done it! Opus Magnum was definitely one of the best games we played in Prague. Our roommaster was Johan and he was incrediby good at the introduction and helping to the immersive experience. Thank you! (source)

luis m.

We did Opus Magnum and it was just awesome! The decoration and all the puzzles were just fantastic. To be honest we were not the smartest players, but luckily our roommaster Vasek was very nice (and funny!) and he helped us with some hints throughout the game. we loved it so much that the next day we did another game! (source)


This escape game was a masterpiece. Really worth the money. Professor Viktor was really amazing guide. (source)

m. poulsen

An amazing, thrilling experience, with great “roommaster’s” who clearly care about their craft. The room itself was wonderfully designed and highly immersive. With impressive props, great lighting and music served to amplify the thrilling feel of the game. The puzzles presented in the room are very well thought out and led to many great “Eureka!” moments for me and my girlfriend. Overall, a fun mystery, with world class puzzles and setting. We cannot recommend The Chamber enough. (source)

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