Prague’s legendary horror escape room.

Atmosphere exactly like from “The Excorcist” horror movie classic. Old Victorian House, squeaking floor, weird sounds. Let’s dive into the world that will remind you the actual lightness of your being. World, where self-moving objects, banging doors and voices coming from the walls are just a tip of the iceberg. Can you defeat an enemy you can’t see?

Carefully built psychological suspension, no cheap jumpscares!

Extensive interior of an old Victorian residence, designed by movie industry experts

Top-tier ghost technologies & special effects

Flashlights and ghost detector rental included 🙂

Ranked among TOP rooms by many escape room blogs and enthusiasts’ websites 

In a nutshell

◊  psychological / horror
◊  60 minutes
◊  2–6 players (we recommend 2–4)
◊  medium difficulty
◊  not suitable for kids
◊  company required under 15 y.o.



hat house has been abandoned for almost half a century. Everyone stays away from it, many don‘t dare to even look into its windows. The stigma it carries is too strong.

The story of its last inhabitants was notoriously known to everyone in town. A young family came to a very sad end. Just a year after the mother’s tragic death, the father was found dead, while the cause of his death remains unknown. What’s worse, the 6-year-old daughter was never found.

No wonder no one has moved in there after that. Nobody has even entered the house since then. Even vandals and squatters are avoiding this place.

When the current owner of the property, who desperately needs to sell it, calls you and asks you for help, you know it’s the right job for you. You are the best paranormal activity investigators far and near. Your goal is tricky—find out what really happened in the house, “clean” it and most importantly survive it.

Soon after you start the investigation and questioning of people around, you already know that this is going to be a hard one. This is not a grandma’s spirit in the attic, this is something much, much worse…

We have visited many “scary” escape rooms all around the world, but in most of them, the fear was caused only by darkness, sounds and filth. We were missing something—proper paranormal activities! That is why we worked hard and invested in advanced “ghost” technologies. Now we bring you an ultimate horror experience which can’t be found anywhere else. The Haunted House is an extraordinary escape room that will keep suprising you!

WARNING:  The space where the escape room is built has previously been a site of unexplained phenomena occurence. This fact resulted in an investigation by a respected group of paranormal investigators (EPRV777). Phenomenas have been identified and removed. As per recommendation of EPRV777, we commited to disclaim these events to public, as sensitive individuals may still experience an unpleasant feelings during their presence.



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