Escape room for kids that is not just for kids!

Room full of fantasy and humor. Room full of colors, lights and sounds. Room, where you embark on a magical rescue mission of a fairy tale world. Picturesque creatures residing in this world will make sure you will experience everything but boredom!  

Game for all ages! Kids, parents, grandparents, even stag parties are welcome!

Unique interior full of audiovisual surprises

Adaptive difficulty based on team’s skills

Non-linear gameplay allows everyone to focus on different puzzles

In a nutshell

◊  whimsical / fantasy
◊  60 minutes
◊  2–6 players (we recommend 2–4)
◊  adaptive difficulty
◊  suitable for kids
◊  company required for kids under 10 y.o.



The legend says that next to our world, another one existsWonderland. It is constantly being built by fantasy of all the human and even animal creatures. Just think of a story and it instantly becomes reality in Wonderland.

There is very few places in the world through which it is possible to step into Wonderland. We have been lucky enough to discover one of those here, in central part of Prague called “Anděl” (Angel in English). Story goes that the reason our ancestors gave it this name was people have been seeing unearthly, but good and friendly creatures around here since history remembers.

We, at The Chamber, were also lucky to meet one of those creatures. Based on our short interaction, we got a suspicion that there might be something wrong with Wonderland and it needs help. Although we think we know how to use the portal to get there, we are not brave enough to step in ourselves.

Would you be brave enough to enter the Wonderland and save it from the imminent danger?



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jakub t.

After 20+ escape rooms among our group Wonderland has been the one with best atmosphere/most beautiful room. There have been some very original features I haven’t yet encountered in other escape games, and our roommaster Vašek was very friendly and enthusiastic during our stay. Would definitely recommend as one of the top escape games I have every played. (source)

lucas m.

Beautiful decorations, puzzles adapted to all levels and a really good narration. The wonderland room is one of the most beautiful escape games I’ve done. (source)


We have visited many different escape rooms and thought that we have seen it all and yet the Wonderland has managed to surprise us. (source)


What to tell about it? It‘s such a family-friendly themed room with that much love for detail. We really enjoyed being part of this world and escaped in 59:00 minutes. If you do this room you will feel the magic of the movie within, because it‘s another world when you enter the room. Fantastic puzzles! (source)

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