“When they finally figured out what those mysterious symbols mean, they turned the picture on the wall accordingly and a secret door opened in the corner. Shimmering torch light suddenly reveals a narrow passageway leading to unknown…”

Sounds like a snippet of an adventure movie? Well, this is exactly the kind of experiences we offer. Live! 

In each of our games, a team of 2-6 players find themselves in a themed space built by a movie architects. Rooms are designed the way that everything feels utmost authentic and your sole presence is an experience of its own.

These spaces are full of camouflaged hints, mysterious objects and secret doors. In 60 minutes, you have to use your common sense, logic and teamwork to solve the problems and mysteries, reveal the hidden and move towards the end of a gripping story.

Although the format is called “Escape rooms”, our games are far from being just about escaping. Actually, the point is often getting deeper.


Long story short (and not really humble):

The Chamber is one of the world’s top and respected escape room companies.

We rank #1 in Prague “Fun & Games” category on Tripadvisor.com. In addition, we rank #3 in the same list with our newest venue. It is highly rare for one company to have two positions on the top of the chart. Also, having almost 6000 positive reviews on Tripadvisor.com, we’re one of the most reviewed escape room companies worldwide on this travel platform.


In 2019, we have been awarded by TERPECA* as “Top Company”, ranking in TOP 25 escape room companies in the world. TERPECA is independent, non-commercial global source of escape room ratings based on reviews of verified players and journalists mostly from USA and Europe. It is estimated that over 30 000 escape room companies exist worldwide.

Our games have been ranked on top of escape rooms lists of various respected ER websites and blogs such as TheLogicEscapesMe.com, EscapeRoomers.de, Escape-maniac.com, Escapereview.co.uk and many more…

Founded in 2014, The Chamber was one of the first escape room providers in Czech Republic and central Europe. Our way of operation soon brought attention of important media outlets, which allowed us to play a major part in pioneering real-life gaming industry in the region. 


Besides national media (CT, Forbes, HN, MF Dnes, Prima TV, Nova TV and many more), we have been covered by foreign media as well, such as german RTL or russian CurrentTime TV.

Having respect of an international escape room industry, our co-founder and chief game designer Tomáš Kučva is being regularly invited to be a speaker and important panel discussion member on global events, including two most important escape room conferences – Up The Game and ERIC.

We are known for being the first adopters and also creators of various progressive game design elements such as game automation, advanced special effects, live actors or including psychologists into gameplay development processes.

Unlike many other escape room operations, we don’t run the business on the side of our jobs or as a free-time hobby. In 2015, both our founders gave up their promising careers in Law and devoted themselves to fully focus on Escape rooms. The same year The Chamber received a sizeable equity investment in series A financing.

In 2020, we have long been way more than just an Escape room business. We provide all-round services for companies such as gamification of events and taylor-made outdoor & indoor experiences. We have organised over 300 company events for top-tier companies such as Skoda Auto, Avast, Microsoft, Nestlé and many more. We also have successfully sold our game concepts all around the world (i.e. France, Spain, Germany, Kuwait).



When and where should I arrive for my booking?

We have multiple locations in Prague. It happens that our players arrive to the wrong location. Please make sure you are coming to the correct address as seen below. Please arrive right on time of your booking! (NOT EARLIER). Game operators are preparing your game and cannot serve you before the scheduled start of your game.

Are our games suitable for families with children?

Sure! Kids love our games, and in our experience, small children are sometimes even more successful, having natural“out of the box” thinking.

What if we don’t make it within a time limit?

You will, don’t worry. 🙂 Our brave staff is here to help you in case you need it and will make sure that you finish the game (if you wish, of course). If the next timeslot is free, some extra time can be offered to you.

How difficult your games are?

What if we don’t feel like Einstein, will we still have a good time?

Our games are not easy. But your room master will give you some clever hints anytime needed, so you will still enjoy the game, no matter how good you are at it.

Can children play without an adult present?

Kids younger than 15 years of age are required to either have an adult play with them or to provide a declaration of liability for under-age persons. You can find the document at this link. Please fill it in and bring it to the game or send it via email a few days before the game.

We strongly discourage children under 10 years of age from playing without an adult.

Are there any special abilities required?

It is just your common sense. No physical, mathematical or historical skills and knowledge are needed.

What about the language? I sure don’t speak Czech

Our games are language independent. If there is a game which includes texts to read, they will be in basic English. Please select your preferred language when making a booking.

Are groups of more than 6 players allowed to enter?

Unfortunately not. The maximum capacity is 6 players due to our game design. Optimal capacity is a maximum of 4 players, so we recommend splitting your team into smaller groups to play different games or at different times.

Where can we park our car?

Petrské náměstí (Zodiac Patres, Haunted House, Poltergeist) – Parking is possible only at the “pink zones” for 40 CZK per hour. See our improvised map HERE. You can also park at the “Palladium” shopping centre nearby for 60 CZK per hour.

Staropramenná (Wonderland, Opus Magnum) – We recommend parking at the “Nový Smíchov” shopping centre. Parking is free for 2 hours on working days and for 5 hours on weekends and holidays.