One of the world’s best horror escape rooms. 

What price are you willing to pay for your own curiosity? 40 years ago, top-secret research facility in Czechoslovakia has been launched in order to do a highly controversial experiment. Needless to say, things went wrong fast. The whole facility was buried underground with everyone still inside. This year, a forgotten secret entrance has been found. But as with the experiment itself, there are doors that should have remained closed…

Way more that just an escape room—intensive horror movie live!

Huge and complex interiors designed & built by movie industry experts

In this game you truly aren’t alone! No physical contact though!

World’s TOP haunted technologies and special effects

Diapers and holy water recommended

In a nutshell

◊  horror (pure & organic)
◊  60 minutes
◊  2–6 players (we recommend 2–4)
◊  low difficulty (fear slows brains down)
◊  not suitable for kids
◊  company required under 15 y.o.



In early 1980s, an international team of scientists was trying to explain what lies behind a phenomenon generally called “POLTERGEIST”. This name was given to all sorts of combined paranormal events, such as strange loud noises with no apparent source, telekinetic movements or strong fluctuations within the electromagnetic field. After some time, scientists found out that these strange events often appeared near a certain type of sensible persons. Several of them were chosen to take part in a top-secret experiment, where the researchers injected them with a special substance to stimulate paranormal events. Some claimed, that after receiving this stimulant, the “specimens” were able to somehow connect our world with its paranormal counterpart and thus gained special abilities at the cost of their own sanity. The goal of the “Project Poltergeist” was to exploit this knowledge for military purposes.

However, in the secret research facility located somewhere in Prague, things started to get out of hands. For some reason, the entire project was prematurely terminated. Soon, it became obvious that nobody made it out of the facility alive, but the government just claimed that nothing like “Poltergeist facility” ever existed in the first place. For many years, nobody could be sure this whole project was not just another urban legend. Just until a strange walled-up iron door was found…

Will you gather your courage to investigate a place filled with paranormal events? Will you learn the truth about an extraordinary scientific experiment or will you join those who found their death in the Poltergeist facility?

Will you dare open the door?

WARNING:  The space where the escape room is built have previously been a site of unexplained phenomenas occurence. This fact resulted in investigation by a respected group of paranormal investigators (EPRV777). Phenomenas have been identified and removed. As per recommendation of EPRV777, we commited to disclaim these events to public, as sensitive individuals may still experience an unpleasant feelings during their presence.



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