Escape room of epic proportions 

3,5 hours of gameplay, 10 actors, medieval fortress

Unique fusion of an escape room, immersive theatre and Fort Boyard / Crystal Maze. Solve riddles, fulfill missions and experience a mysterious story full of surprises. This all takes place in the authentic set of medieval fortress Malešov, inhabited by many historical characters. They’re there to help, or maybe harm your mission. Start up your brains, persuade, plot and win.

This game is based on the successful Czech videogame Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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ENGLISH games in 2024:

Sunday 21st April, 15:00
Sunday 26th May, 15:00
Sunday 21st July, 10:00
Sunday 28th July, 10:00

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“Escape games were just a beginning!”



  • A marvelous REAL-LIFE gaming project, which bears no comparison in Central Europe.
  • The whole game is designed and built on the success of a critically acclaimed Czech medieval PC game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Nevertheless, it’s not required to play nor finish the PC game in order to enjoy and succeed in our real-life game Kingdom Come: Experience.
  • 30 players are divided into 5 separate groups to take a part in the epic adventure a very similar to a grandiose escape game. But there are some differences: the game takes place not only indoors but outdoors as well. You can move around freely and explore the authentic area to find and fulfill various quests.
  • You can find ten live actors around the place. Each one has a different role and background. You can talk to them, follow them around, help them or even outsmart them and use them for your own good. You can affect their story just as they can affect yours. How you want to proceed is solely up to you!
  • The game takes place at a spacious medieval stronghold named Malešov, located near Kutná Hora town (60 km far from Prague). By many experts in Czechia, it’s considered a delicately renovated and outstandingly preserved historical site.
  • Unmistakable AUTHENTIC medieval atmosphere is guaranteed! Actors are wearing historical costumes and using medieval tools. A costume is secured for each player as well!
  • Forget the troubles of a modern world for a while and experience the medieval RPG out live!


  • Malešov stronghold is located only 20 km away from an actual area where the story of KCD takes place.
  • Oldest known information of this fortress goes back to 1303 A.D., so even though it was beyond the game map, it could have very well been part of the world and it offers a unique chance to experience the atmosphere of the KCD.
  • The story is a prequel for a game characters’ story (yes you will meet some of them in person and we are not going to spoil that here 🙂 )
  • There are numerous elements you are surely familiar with (did you enjoy lockpicking? 🙂 )
  • And yes, there is, of course, an official KCD soundtrack used in the game!



Žižkovo nám. 54, 285 41  Malešov, Czech Republic



1 790 CZK / player





*In case you’re participating in a smaller group counting less than 6 people, other participants could be added to your unit in order to fill the maximum capacity of 6 participants per group.