How about turning your office, salon, or other space into an escape game? That’s the mission of our Pirate Chests. Show us the room and in no time we’ll create a space where players can enjoy a full-fledged escape adventure. What initially appears to be a couple of historical boxes will unfold into a complex of mysterious objects, hidden hideouts, and interactive tasks in just a few minutes of play.

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For 2-7 players in one team

Duration of one game approximately 50 minutes

Two identical sets available – possibility of two teams playing parallel games

No pen and paper, but sophisticated mechanical and electronic puzzles

Capacity up to 14 players / 1 hour

◊  indoor and outdoor
◊  quick installation
◊  minimum space of 10m2
◊  medium difficultyt



Yes, we could have been more creative in choosing the name, but this prosaic name defines this game accurately. Don’t be fooled, however, as with all of our games, story and immersion play an important role here as well..As expected, one of the discovered chests contains a hidden treasure. If you think that finding keys, opening one chest after another, and getting rich is all it takes, we must disappoint you – the journey to the treasure will be much more creative 🙂

The game was created specifically for weddings, conferences, events in hotels, and corporate parties. Therefore, teamwork and non-linearity play the main role, so that everyone can always devote themselves to something.



SOLO – rental of one game set. Teams are timed and the amount of hints used is measured. The results are updated on an interactive scoreboard to maintain healthy competition.

DUEL – rental of two game sets. In addition to the above system, it is possible for two teams to compete in real-time to see who can successfully complete the game first. This mode is often much more dramatic. Installation in two separate rooms is recommended.